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INBlock ventures is fully dedicated to elevating technology to its highest level of performance, we are committed to investing in and creating innovative and environmentally friendly blockchain-based software.

Why partner with INBlock

Vision and strategy

Often, the success of a project starts with a vision, a revolutionary idea. We establish the winning strategies to make it happen and succeed.

The crypto-currency market, and more generally the field of blockchain, is full of pitfalls. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we accompany projects to ensure their serene evolution.

Over 10 years of Blockchain expertise

INBlock Ventures co-founders, have between them nearly 10 years of experience in the blockchain and crypto-currency space.

These years have been used to develop their knowledge of the market and their network in order to accompany their partners' projects in a more qualitative way.​

An all-in-one solution for crypto projects

We invest as private or public investor in projects with bold ideas in the area of blockchain and decentralized finance and we provide further support to partner projects, from conception to IDO and beyond.

We help them maximise the potential of their innovative ideas and businesses.

Through direct investments, connections, marketing support and technological contributions, we strengthen companies and ecosystems.​

+100 investments as public or private investors